NSU is fortunate to have partnerships with investors who share our vision and approach to water reclamation and reuse and can assist in the further growth of NSU. The primary private equity investors are currently comprised of the following funds.

XPV Capital

Based in Toronto, XPV is one of the leading funds dedicated to water and water related infrastructure. TXPV provides a depth of water resources and wide network of development sourcing support across North America. XPV began its partnership with NSU in 2011 and continues to support fundraising as well as NSU’s water related business growth in the marketplace.


New Energy Capital

NEC was founded in 2004 with offices in New Hampshire, Boston, and Denver. New Energy Capital (NEC) provides equity and debt capital for clean infrastructure project investments.

NEC is diversified:

  • among projects such as solar, landfill gas, biofuels, water, digester gas, fuel cells, biomass, and efficiency with projects spanning 15 states; and
  • among geographic regions in the US, with company and project investments across 15 states.


Industrial Ecology Capital Management (IECM)

Industrial Ecology Capital Management (IECM) is a private equity investment firm focused on sustainable infrastructure development companies and related project finance in the clean water, renewable energy, large-land area development, and green building sectors. Established in 2008, IECM is the founding impact investor of NSU, leading its early capital rounds and corporate formation, and now supporting its ongoing governance and strategic development. IECM Global and IECM Water, are active asset management and holding companies, respectively, that focus in the emerging markets and provide collaborative partnership with NSU.



ARB is an investment company that holds and manages a portfolio of private company, private equity fund, and project equity investments. ARB invests in environmental energy opportunities that accelerate the transition to a sustainable and clean economy.