Happy Holidays-NSU Style

January 11, 2018

NSU celebrated the holidays at our NJ headquarters on Carriage Farm in a traditional way for 2017. The staff gathered in an on-site barn and stable for an old fashioned style party. Complete with a hot and cold buffet, a tree decorated with photos of the staff from all offices, a photo-booth horse stall and of course- carols and cornhole by an open fire…everyone had a very merry time!


The Buffet


The Beverage Stall



Last minute holiday decorations and prep by Rob Haney and Kim Knight.



Bill Massa, CEO admiring the tree decorated with photos of the entire NSU staff.



A photo-booth-stall provided hours of fun as well as plenty of terrific images:


From left to right; Hannah Delos Reyes, Briana Bergin, Carmel Wietecha.



From left to right; Members of our accounting department: Rodney Simmons, Kelle England, Shashi Singh, Chris Ziino.




Much more than squares…The NSU Leadership Team!
From left to right; Zach Gallagher, Brooks Nelson, Adam Stern, Debbie burke, Bill Massa, and Gary Mechler.



Ugly sweaters await the judges.



NSU Judges from left to right; Board Member, Kathy Coffey and Bill Massa.



Ugly sweater winners Aris Fernandez and Rodney Simmons.



Ugly sweater winner Justin Higgins.



From left to right; Jens Riedel, ugly sweater winner-Quinton Fortier, and Justin Streleckis.



Jim Huntington displaying his holiday spirit pictured with Debbie Burke.



Melissa Caliente enjoying Brooks Nelson’s festive and handsome holiday antlers.



From left to right; Some members of NSU’s Social Committee; Michael Galley, Carmel Wietecha, Briana Bergin, Hannah Delos Reyes, Debbie Burke and Kelle England.



Staying warm by the fire from left to right; Kelly Saikkonen, Debbie Burke, Kelle England, Carmel Wietecha, Briana Bergin, Aris Fernandez.



From left to right; Gary Mechler, Roberto Malaga, and Lou Papa.



Who needs Chestnuts? Some of the NSU staff enjoying cornhole by the open fire!


From left to right; Chris Wilson and Zach Gallagher. NSU Cornhole…a Better Way indeed!


Introducing the NSU 2017 cornhole winners from left to right; Michael Galley, Zach Gallagher, Briana Bergin, Rodney Simmons, Chris Ziino and Chet Makowski.