NSU- Project Partner on First Tech Campus to Achieve Net-Zero Water Use

December 7, 2017

Leaders at Microsoft have taken a giant leap forward in sustainable water resource management by bringing together companies like Natural Systems Utilities, Sherwood Design Engineers, and WRNS Studio to create the first Tech Campus to achieve Net-Zero Water Use.  NSU and the project partners will enable Microsoft to realize their vision for water stewardship on the 643,000 ft2 Silicon Valley campus by leveraging best available technologies and practices, which include:

  • Onsite wastewater treatment system which will enable 100% of the campus wastewater to be reused.
  • Rainwater harvested from clean roofs and solar panels, and used for toilet flushing and landscape
  • Stormwater will be retained on a living roof and collected from paved areas, treated by rain gardens and run to Stevens Creek to improve vitality.

“Beyond drinking fountains and sinks, not a drop of water for more than 2,000 employees, 15 acres of landscape, and 643,000 square feet of built space will come from municipal sources” states Microsoft’s website.  “Our campus will have an integrated water management system that operates under the guiding principle of putting non-potable water into service more than once,” Microsoft’s CTO Kevin Scott wrote in a post on the company’s blog; https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2017/12/05/building-sustainable-campus-silicon-valley/  “This includes harvesting rainwater and installing an onsite wastewater plant for treatment.”  Construction of the onsite water reuse system will also be completed by NSU in partnership with Rudolph & Sletten along with McGuire & Hester.

For additional details, see Microsoft’s website;