Baldwin Cove, MN Wastewater Facility Update

November 9, 2017

The Minnesota operations crew performed a major overhaul of the wastewater treatment facility for the Baldwin Cove development.

The Baldwin Cove system is one of the NSU owned and operated systems located in the Midwest. The 20-home cluster system utilizes an E-One grinder station at each home. The pressure sewer pumps to septic tanks and then to a dosing tank. The dosing tank then pumps to 6 zones of Bordna Mona peat filters (10 filters for each zone). Each filter has individual holes in the bottom to infiltrate the treated water into the soil.

After years of operation, replacement of the peat was required. NSU contracted a hydrovac service to remove and dispose of the material. After removal, NSU staff installed new drain rock and peat. The process required removal and reinstallation of the distribution piping in all 60 modules, as well as part of the site fencing. This project took the team only three days to complete despite being slowed by 5” of rain on one day.

As a result of the replacement and upgrades including enhanced module drain features and individual isolation ball valves for each pod, the system will provide many more years of reliable service.

Pod Opened for Overhaul

Pod Opened for Overhaul

Peat Removal

Peat Removal

Hydrovac Truck and Peat Delivery

Emptied Pod

New Drain Rock With Piping Reinstalled

Pod With Replacement Peat

Site Restored