NSU- Water Reuse Solution Provider for San Francisco Shipyard

November 3, 2017

Natural Systems Utilities (NSU) is proud to have been chosen to join the FivePoint/ GI Energy team working on one of the country’s largest urban redevelopment projects; the transformation of the San Francisco Shipyard.

The former US Navy site will be transformed into an approximately 6 million SF mixed-use development of residential, office, retail and green space. To realize this unparalleled achievement, FivePoint coordinated partnerships with GI Energy and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). FivePoint’s mission is creating sustainable communities that adapt and offer a better quality of life. To realize their vision, FivePoint selected GI Energy as its infrastructure development partner and will direct the collaborative team of industry leaders to work together with Five Point to set the bar for innovative and sustainable development.

FivePoint is proving that green technologies are no longer a luxury, but an integral part of our present and future.  “The SF Shipyard ‘Eco-Grid’ brings innovation and scale to infrastructure systems – from water to telecommunications – that will provide a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly live, work and entertainment community sustainable for generations to come,” said Kofi Bonner, FivePoint’s northern California Regional President.

The Eco-Grid solution will minimize the development’s environmental impact by providing integrated renewable energy, district-scale recycled water, and one of the largest geo-exchange heating and cooling systems in the country.

GI Energy’s Chief Development Officer David Yanni said, “This opportunity is unbelievably exciting. The chance to redefine the prototype for sustainable development, and to do so in the heart of one of America’s most vibrant and dynamic cities, is nearly unprecedented. FivePoint’s exceptional vision of a community that will be a showcase for sustainable innovation for the next 50 years is an inspiration, and represents an inflection point for both the real estate and energy industries. Together, GI Energy and FivePoint are rewriting what’s possible.”

“The Eco-Grid is a new concept that required a new way of doing business,” said Harlan Kelly, General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. “The SFPUC and the City needed to develop innovative and creative processes to deliver services for the Eco-Grid’s unique needs. Our ability to do that demonstrates our commitment to a clean environment and the success of this public-private partnership.”

NSU is truly honored to have been selected to lead the onsite water reuse initiatives. “We are very much looking forward to working with FivePoint, GI Energy and the SFPUC in this groundbreaking public private partnership.  This system will integrate SFPUC’s centralized infrastructure with an onsite (decentralized) district scale water reuse system setting a new standard for the industry on multiple levels” said Zach Gallagher, Natural Systems Utilities Executive Vice President.

NSU has built the unique capability to structure a full range of design, build, operations and ownership project solutions for onsite water treatment and reuse systems. Our reputation has been built on best in class execution capability and on long term shared-value partnerships with both the people and communities we serve.

Together, these industry leaders are creating a sustainable urban community with environmentally responsible practices; a roadmap to Better Way for generations to come.

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