NSU Celebrates Thanksgiving

November 28, 2017

NSU staff celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday pot-luck style with the staff each preparing a special dish. NSU had turkeys prepared and delivered for the festivities. A great time was had by all!


Pictured below; Darrell Molloy, Isabel Sisson, Bill St. Laurent, Bruce, Jim Waldron, Phil Vary, Marco Moniz, Ralph Cardoza, and Victor Moniz, with Jim Huntington behind the camera.

NSU Fall River Massachusetts Team



NSU-Hillsborough, NJ kitchen is set for the occasion on Carriage Farm.



Bill Massa, CEO, hard at work carving one of several turkeys for the team.



Carving turkey is definitely hard work…Jeff Kozik steps in to assist Bill. (foreground)



NSU has several vegetarians and vegans on staff. Gary Mechler is pictured carving Tofurky as Kim Knight waits to transport it to a warming tray.



Zach Gallagher and Jen Watkinson finish up the carving while the staff queues up to fill their plates.



All of the traditional favorites were accounted for…



…as well as homemade pies, cheesecakes, puddings and sweets.



NSU staff dining in the employee lounge.



NSU staff dining in the employee lounge.



NSU’s employee lounge contained a Tree of Thanks where the staff added what they are thankful for in 2017.