NSU Attending USGBC Northern California-14th Annual Water Conservation Showcase

March 17, 2017

usgbc ca

NSU’s Vice President of Operations and Business Development of the Western Region; Andre Zinkevich will be attending the USGBC Northern California-14th Annual Water Conservation Showcase on March 21st.

USGBC Northern California educates, motivates, provides resources, and advocates for industry transformation to build and maintain sustainable communities. Since 2004, the Water Conservation Showcase has brought together experts and the sustainable development community to address one of the largest concerns of Californians: water. Their goal is to provide a forum that brings together the full spectrum of stakeholders, decision makers, experts, and community members to explore and propel knowledge in water conservation. This exchange happens through expert presentations and community involvement.

Join Mr. Zinkevich and the USGBC Northern California chapter for an educational program focused on innovative solutions to increasing water costs, quality concerns, aging infrastructure, supply shortages, and the water and energy inter-relationship.

Additional information is available at; http://www.usgbc.org/usgbc-northern-California

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